Cook Better, Eat Better, Live Better

By | May 27, 2016

We live in an age where it seems everything around us is either artificial, digital or synthetic. This has taken a disastrous turn on our health as you can see with the statistics related to obesity and heart disease around the world, one the fastest spreading problem and the other the number one killer amongst us. This did not happen overnight; we changed our lifestyles as technology grew stronger over the years where eventually fast food and snacks became prominent. Luckily, having recognized the growing problem, health advocates and doctors around the world have been encouraging and drawing attention to healthier eating habits. Start from home with these tips.

Think carefully about what goes into your food. The primary cause for unhealthy diets is a lack of awareness. People simply do not pay enough attention to their ingredients and what goes into them. For example take a pasta you may be making. The sauces and cream you use for taste and texture are probably full of fats that are bad for you. However, you can now make your own; yes both sauces and cream if you bother to look up the method and of course the ingredients that go into them. You can use low-fat milk instead of full cream, which is just one example of how you can make your cooking healthier. Coconut oil is also an elixir of sorts, so this too can be more beneficial than other oils.

Whatever it is you might be buying at the supermarket, unless it is straight off the vegetable crates, you need to study them. Forget about the fact that people may find you rather odd to be standing in the middle of aisles reading labels off tins and cans; it is actually one of the best things you can do for yourself. You need to know the content of each substance from carbohydrates to sodium, protein to calories and so on. If you are a sufferer of diseases such as diabetes for instance, you should be doubly cautious.

Seeing as how our days are no jam-packed with things to do, this seems to be more of a fantasy and wishful thinking than reality. However, if you take out a bit of time just once a week, you can plan out your meals for the week to come which makes your life a lot easier. By planning your meals for each day, you can shop for fresh produce yourself then cook it and store it. All you need to do then is grab it from the fridge, heat it up and enjoy a home-cooked, healthy meal. Use healthy ingredients of course such as coconut oil for a revitalized body from the inside out.

People have let themselves go. They probably know the condition of their phone much better than they know themselves which is testimony to just how much technology has taken over our lives. We are mostly just used to scarfing something down as we dash from one appointment to the next, inevitably loading our system with toxics. By maintaining a meal plan you will be able to have better control, and if you continue to monitor your diet, you will be able to lead a much healthier life. Start today!