Most Popular Halloween Makeovers This Season

By | November 3, 2016


Halloween is just around the corner and folks are eagerly getting their gear sorted out for their Halloween makeovers. With so many characters that one can transform into the quality of their appearance will make a huge impact on how the final transformation takes place. Of course not all of us are born artists or expert artists, yet there are easy and fool proof ways that you can use simple make up techniques to amaze your friends and show off your other side of personality. Here are some too cool characters and transformations that you can try out for the Halloween season this year.

Let’s start with the classic witch look

This look has been featured in many movies for over several decades. What’s even more special is that this make up can be made to come to life with pigment make up pods that are way cheaper than expensive yet however reliable theatrical makeup.

You also do not need to be on the hunt to theatrical makeup artist Melbourne and simple can be used with the normal make up that you own. To achieve this look you first need a natural base applied with your normal make up before starting off with the pigmented stage make up. This is important as the base acts as a barrier to your skin in case your skin has a reaction to the pigmented make up. Following up you are then required to apply lime green colored make up to your entire face and neck and use the appropriate green shade to contour your face to enhance the overall look. Finally with colorless setting powder make sure to seal the color in a dabbing motion to save the texture of the crème pigment make up. Now all you need is a black witch hat to complete the look and you’re good to go.

The two faced look

This is a fun and unique look since you get to decide from various options the look that you wish to portray. You get to show of your real self and at the same time show off your counter persona with the help of make-up. For this look however is on how you can transform half yourself into a sugar skull and the other half of your real going out diva look. To achieve this look you will need rich black eyeliner pencil, pigment make up in black, green, purple, yellow and red, Glitter pigments in Blue, orange, Pink and Green, eyeliners in pink, blue and purple, sponges and brushes to complete the look. Carefully draw the shape of a skull on to one side of your face and add glitter to enhance the ultimate look.