How To Get Long Lashes Like A Celebrity?

By | July 3, 2017

The internet and social media might be beneficial for a great many things, but it’s undeniable that it has managed to make many of us have unreasonable expectations; especially when it comes to our body and beauty. If you’ve been looking at celebrities with really pretty lashes and have been wondering how to get our own to look the same, here’s what we have to say to you.

Know that it’s mostly makeup and not natural – don’t be fooled. Those pretty, awe strikingly long and thick eyelashes that you see on celebrities, YouTubers and Instagram famed people are mostly (if not entirely) like so through makeup. They’re just really good at making the lash perm look natural. If you want the same for yourself, take the time to truly practice your eye makeup.

Perfect the art of a perfect liner – the perfect eyeliner can enhance your lashes, making them look thicker and longer. It’s a little hard to recommend one particular style that makes your lashes look longer and better; as this depends largely on the shape of your eyes. But if you know the shape of your eyes, a quick research online should point you to the ideal kinds of eyeliner styles.

Invest on good quality lashes – apart from perfecting a style of eyeliner that makes your lashes appear longer and thicker, it’s also important that you get yourself the good quality lashes. Yes, they’re a little expensive; but it’s a sacrifice you’d have to make in order to get the lashes you dream of. If it’s not available locally, you should be able to find a satisfying brand online fairly easily.

Consider opting for more permanent solutions – if you’re not much of a fan of falsies, or don’t really have the patience to wear them everyday, and if you’re not too big on make up either, consider opting for a lash perm. What this does is lifts and makes your natural lashes appear more prominent and longer.

Protect your natural lashes fiercely – like with foundation, if you have a good base, you can make miracles with your eyelashes as well. And in order to keep your lashes healthy and in perfect condition, always take the time to remove all traces of eye makeup at the end of each day. Remember, your lashes are what protect your eyes from outside dangers. Don’t compromise that layer of protection.

Nourish your lashes whenever possible – like all other hair in our body, your lashes too can benefit with a little care. (Very, very) Gently massaging the area around your lashes can make your lashes grow healthily. Apart from this, you can try applying lash growth boosting oils, such as castor oil to help it grow and it look thicker and longer naturally as well.
NOTE: not everything suits every skin type. Always test it out first.