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How To Prepare For Prom?

The high school prom is one of the most eventful days in a high schoolers life and most girls prepare months in advance for this night of dancing, music and glamour. However if you’re a high school student who is juggling many extra-curricular activities and you studies with prom night fast approaching and you’re feeling anxious about finding the perfect dress and your date for the night, you should not worry about a thing as the step by step guide provided below has got you covered on all bases.

Finding a date

Regardless of whether you’re a geek or a cheerleader, you deserve to enjoy your prom night with the rest of your class with or without a boy by your side. However if there is a boy that you have been crushing on, you should totally ask them to be your date instead of waiting around. If at the end of the day, all of your plans to score a date for prom do not work, you can always go with your best girlfriends.

Camera ready

Makeup and hair is also a major factor that will affect your look at prom so if you’re planning on getting ready by yourself, do a few practice runs before the prom night and if you’re getting styled by someone, have them do a test run of the makeup look and hairstyle you plan on wearing for the day.

When it comes to hair, one of the biggest trends is to have voluminous locks similar to the Victoria secret models and you can achieve such a look with a use of affordable hair extensions and you can find clip in hair extensions anywhere in the world. Visit this link for more info on affordable hair extensions Sydney.

Finding a dress

The dress you wear to your prom night is a very big deal to any high schooler so start hunting for the perfect dress as fast as possible. It is also best if you can keep away from the conventional stores that every girl visits in search of a prom dress because it is most likely that they sell more than one dress of the same design and the last thing you want to experience at prom is another girl wearing the same dress as yours.

It is also important to choose a dress with a silhouette that suits your body type as various types of dresses tend to look better on various types of body types. Once you have found the perfect dress, it’s time to look for shoes to go with your beautiful dress so head out into the mall in search of your prom shoes as fast as possible.

Get Your Wedding Done Right

Weddings are meant to be beautiful, glossy and attractive. To make a wedding look stunning, the location should be correctly chosen. When choosing your wedding location, you need to be concerned on a few things which are important. After making the correct choice, you should decide how to make the look more eye catch by decorating it with the correct style and colours. 

For your wedding ceremony, you can choose a theme that is based on the choices of both the bride and the groom and you can add the perfect colour to that theme and design every single thing of the wedding matched to the theme and the theme colour. When the theme is decided, the wedding dresses of the bride, bride’s maids’ and also the suits of the groom and the best men can be chosen accordingly. The bride can look for the best wedding makeup artist for her lovely group and make her or him aware what you really want to look like on your big day. 

When the location is decided, you need to make sure that it is closer to the place you live and it does not take much time to travel because, timing is very important in a wedding ceremony as it is not only about two of you and your group. But there are a lot more people who come as invitees and they too have their own schedules for the day. So no matter it is your big day, you need to do things on time.

When you look for the location, find a place which is convenient for your photographer and beautician as well. The reason is, they have a lot of stuff to bring with them and it will be difficult for them to travel for a long time unless they are ready to come anywhere with their stuff. In this case, you can find a mobile hair and makeup Auckland group which will be convenient for your requirements. Even you can go for a photography team which would like to come and get the shots as you want. 

To get the location properly decorated, you should find an event planner or a team that will help you realize the dream of your wedding in the exact way. You can get your location decorated with the flowers you want and apply the colors you want on every deco that they do. Find the best wedding planers, beauticians and photographers around you and make your wedding an unforgettable one not only for you two but for the invitees as well.